Monday, September 26, 2011

Give me an "M"

Give me an "M" .... give me an "A".... give me an "X"
Yeah Max!
Luckily Max has such a short name... it allowed me to frame each letter. I love how it turned out. Personally, I think it looks way better in real life.... so how ever much you like it, just know you would like it just a little bit more in real life : )
I had these frames in my dinningroom before, with different scrapbooking paper. But I am in the mood for a wall art shake up, so I am moving stuff around, modifying a few things. So when I decided to use these for Max's room I thought I would look for scrapbooking paper again... but whilest fabric shopping I found a print that I loved and matches his bedding... and way cheaper then buy the 6 pieces of paper I would have needed. The letters are cardstock cut outs that I painted with the same paint from the dresser.

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