Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Garage Full of Must.... No More!

Our garage was a terrible mess when we first moved in. It was build on dirt, so after years and years it had sunk into the ground and rotted. The front doors were so sunk they could not be opened. So we (not me at all actually... but me dad and husband) jacked up the garage and cut off the rotten parts and put new treated wood on for the base.Above are the before pictures.
I did help out with this project though. The garage had been insulated with some kind of peg board type insulation that had gotten wet and was a big cause for the smell of must I think... I pulled them all off.
Below are some progress photos:

Pouring the concrete only took a few hours. We had lots of help from Jonathen, Derek (on his birthday!) and my Dad. (Thanks guys!!!)

There is still lots of work to do, we need to replace the rotten boards at the bottom, straighten the garage (it's leaning a few inches) and give it a good paint job.... but it already looks so much better!

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