Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Chairs... New Color Scheme?

I just bought these chairs and I love them! The wing back style looks so regal, comfy and classic... perfect for my house! (Well I don't know about the regal part) I bought them thinking I would recover them, but when I got them home I realised two things. One: the fabric is in really good condition. Two: it would take a ton of work to recover these properly. So I think, at least for the first while, I am going to keep these guys as they are. The fabric I am planing to use for the dining room chairs has this teal/forest green color in it, so I am going to make two rectangular pillows to sit on the chairs to try to tie them in. (The fabric on the left is the dinning room chair and pillow fabric, the middle fabric is for the couch, and the fabric on the right, was for the chairs, but I think it will be drapery now... we will see)Then if I can find one more fabric with the teal color and the blues, greens and browns to just tie everything in a little bit more I think this new color scheme will work... especially with hits of coral.

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