Friday, December 14, 2012

Time for Trades

Our house is all framed out and ready for trades! ... but the trades are not ready for us : (
We have had the house framed for awhile, but we were waiting on manitoba hydro for our electricity and natural gas to be connected again. Thankfully those two things have now been installed! Yeah!

 So our electricians say the house should be wired before Christmas, the duct work men said this week... but they never came (they started a few weeks ago, but still have lots more to do), so we will see how that goes. And then our plumber said he is coming next week.

The above picture is a crack in the seam of the drywall sheets. We have a few of these upstairs from the lifting of the house. I often get asked about the damage... it was what we expected. (well, honestly I was expecting mush worse... like the ceiling to fall down)

Hopefully my next post will be a picture of running water and blowing vents and insulation!

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