Friday, October 26, 2012

design time

I am trying to plan the layout for our main floor bathroom. This is going to be a busy room... I want it to look sharp. We are planning to have our laundry in it, toilet, sink and a shower. Why a shower in our main floor bathroom you ask...
Our upstairs en suite bathroom has a shower and bath, but the other upstairs bathroom only has a tub. The angled ceiling doesn't allow for a shower. So we thought instead of always having our kids use our bathroom we would put a shower in the main floor bathroom. Also... if we ever have a hot tub, then guest don't need to use our en suite either.
The dimensions are 7 feet by 8 feet 10 inches. If need be I could steal space on either direction, but I am trying not to.  But this is what I have so far. The only thing i don't really like about this layout is that you walk in and see the toilet wall... I don't even know if that is a thing... maybe it's just my thing.
The pink space is the shower, the blue is the washer and dryer with the sink above. I have been trying to search for picture were people have done this, (used the washer and dryer as the base for the sink vanity) but its hard to find. I think it because the w & d are deeper then a normal counter. (w & d are 32" deep normal counters are around 22") We are going to hide this with a dummy wall for uppers, with cupboards on either side and a mirror in the middle. (Bottom right of pictures) W & Ds are also highier, but we are tall people so this maybe would be better for us anyway.
I don't know... this is just what I am think now. But I have to decide by the end of the day because plumbing is getting done this weekend!
Also done this week were the basement wall, where the beams used to be, were poured. Windows are in... deciding on the front windows still. (A whole other story... I'll write about it once the problem has been solved) The doors are not in yet though. And interior framing is being done. Getting quotes on electricians.
It's moving along!

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