Thursday, April 5, 2012

Baby Shower Game

I got to be in charge of doing a little game for the baby shower, so I did a baby food guessing game. I choose mostly fruit purees, but I did through in a beef, spaghetti and veggies mix. (Poor babies!... I mean the ones that really have to eat that)
If you are wanting to do this a little tip, I provided pretzels for the tasters.


  1. awesome party game. who did the best? was anyone totally grossed out by them?

    sounds like an awesome shower!

  2. Angie did the best actually! A few people were a little weirded out, but most of them were just fruit. Plus I gave hints, so if you really didn't want try the "weird" one (the grossest one I did was beef, spaghetti and veggies) you would kind of know.