Monday, June 27, 2011

Keeping busy...

So my latest endeavor has been to start a garden. I have really been enjoying this new hobby. There is so much to learn... and luckily I have two great teachers, my parents! My parents have an amazing yard. They have been so helpful by generously giving me some treasures from there garden (splitting off perennials and vegetables) and advice on how to keep them healthy!
I have started my yard with side vegetable and flower garden. We used the bricks from our home's old chimney to boarder the garden. Currently we are working on making a patio/fire pit area. This area is in front of the flower portion of the garden. We are digging up the area right now and using the earth to level off the other side of the yard... so right now the yard looks a little dumpy, but don't judge it yet! (below is my quick re-touching of the last photo for how the yard will look)

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