Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bump Avoided!

We applied for our permits a week ago. Yesterday I got a call from the water and waste department saying we needed a lot grade survey and a service plan. These two things cost 2000$ and would halt the permit processing until we got them. I was so disappointed, but I called around getting some quotes. (2000$ was the cheapest) but when I explained what we were doing to one of the surveying companies they thought that we wouldnt really need these surveys. So I thought I would just double check based on this guy's comment. I sent an email to the permits guy... and this morning he called me and said we didnt need them! I am so happy! I told him he saved me two grand. I know there will be bumps along the way... I am just glad to have avoided this one : )


  1. What a relief! Glad it worked out your way!

  2. Call back water and waste to confirm all this with their manager, else there is the chance it could really bite you later. The grade plan may not be required for a permit, however, since you are changing the footprint of the foundation, it makes sense that they'd want a grade survey (same as new construction). It is not uncommon for 2 civic departments to disagree, so don't just go with the answer you want to hear. One extra step for 100% peace of mind.

  3. yeah!!! good to hear. can't wait to hear all stories in person.