Monday, October 19, 2009

Upstairs Update

Sometimes it feels like things are moving so slowly, but then I have to remind myself we have not even been this house for two months yet! But still, for some reason, I feel like our upstairs floors should be done by now.... but regardless, we are moving forwards.
Originally we weren't planning on doing the floors in the upstairs bathroom, but it has been added into the mix. We are actually getting pretty pumped about it. We took out the sink, toilet and tub and removed the three layers of tiling. Let me just say that tub was heeeaaavy! It was a marital stability test to move it, but we did it! The floors underneath have water damage and a few unoriginal floor boards... so our plan is to use the boards from the small room (the one I really want to make into an ensuite bathroom) to replace the damaged and unoriginal boards. I plan to paint the whole bathroom... colors are still be decided, and the tub. The toilet is going back in but we want to do a new sink and table for the sink.
Anyway... here are some progress photos:

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